Pranay Choudhry

The Argumentative Indian personified. I lead the marketing initiatives at Actozen. My mission is to run faster just to know the feeling of the whole world running behind you someday.

Rhea Malvai

Having gone through a severe health problem & many struggles from my transition as a young girl to a woman, if Zena can make even a little impact in women’s lives, my work here is done!

Vaibhav Kaushal

I oversee tech. Would love to leave the world better than I found it.

Nutan Singh

Front-End Developer
Though going by my name one would expect me to be very new in this world or the one who is looking out for the falling apple, I manage the user interface of the website. Strive for perfection at both work and play.

Aaditya Bagga

Associate Software Engineer
A quiet person in general unless provoked (shallow vessels sound the loudest!), I handle the backend and deployment of the website and fix bugs. Mission in life is to attain inner peace.

Pooja Baghel

Associate Software Engineer
A simple girl who believes in simplicity, I work on middleware and APIs. Love to help others. My mission is to motivate myself and inspire others and make my parents proud.

Ankit Khandelwal

Software Test Engineer
An average boy next door with an extraordinary zeal for life. My job at Actozen is to ensure that the website is working fine. Eventually I want to make life a smooth ride for everyone through my work.

Guntaas Kaur

Social Media Marketing
I’m trying not to take life too seriously, reminding myself it’s ok to dance even when i have a ton of work to do. I am realising the importance of balance. Upside down and right side up. I do instagram and other social media to make my living. I want to follow the path that feels like home.

Vaibhav Khanna

Lead Mobile Developer
The one who tries to see things differently. Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible. I take care of the mobile operations for Android and iOS.


Meher Sarid

Group President, Oxigen Services

Dr. Ashok Khurana

Leading Radiologist, AIIMS

Anita Belani

Partner, Gaja Capital

Daljit Singh

President, Fortis Healthcare

KC Jacob

Startup Evangelist


Zarah Khan

Content & Marketing Intern
Currently an MBA student, I enjoy working for animal welfare. At Actozen, I am a content writer who dabbles marketing as well."No one can be a 10 on 10, but we can all aspire to be a 9.9" - is my motto!


Content & Marketing Intern
I was one of those people who was always afraid to take up an internship because all I heard from my friends who interned anywhere was that they make you get coffee, or don't pay you, or are just terrible people you work for, in return of nothing. And then Actozen happened to me. First things first, they won't make you get coffee, in fact they will give you their half of the cup to drink. They will feed you, pay you, make you work in an environment that feels like home, teach you what you don't know, help you improve things you already do, and make you laugh so much you cry. I learnt so much, improved in a lot of ways, experienced what it is like to work, and understood the dynamics of writing for a website and marketing a product. Everybody who works here was a friend to me first before being a mentor. All in all, working here was the best way I could have spent my summer.


Content & Marketing Intern
This internship made me realize that writing for others is completely different from writing for oneself. When we write for others we have to be more cautious with our words, we just can’t let our emotions overflow because every writer knows words are powerful, if not used properly they can give wounds deeper than a dagger. I might not pursue my career as a content writer but this internship was the best thing to happen. I met the cutest content head (kalika didi) and worked for one of the most understanding boss (Pranay) ever. I still miss your PJ’s Vaibhav sir. My days now don’t start and end with ‘bhook lagi h ,chalo kuch khaate h’ but I really miss my fellow interns. I know Anu you still miss my lunch more than me. Zarah, Anushree, Malvika, Shambhavi , you all are sweethearts. I love you all. For me every experience is worth counting and these 7 weeks have been so much different. It made me come out of my comfort zone and I am clear about my future goals now. A big thank you to the whole Actozen team. This internship was actually worth everything.


Content & Marketing Intern
It has been an incredible journey as I had a bunch of lovely mentors and other co-interns who made my work alot more smooth and fun. Can never forget these two months , they have been the best. I got to explore myself , my abilities and felt good to be working towards a cause that really needs attention. Actozen is THE place.
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