Zena is a Wellness Genie for women who makes health and wellness more accessible, effective and collaborative. Bringing alive an ecosystem for women to connect, network, discuss, and consult in order to lead healthier lives and drive a change from being reactive in health to proactive in all aspects of wellness; physical, mental and emotional!

Zena helps women overcome their daily challenges of being healthy - what to eat, how to exercise, where to consult like-minded individuals and experts, know our ailments and their remedies even better. Just like a Genie grants wishes, Zena does it for women wanting to be the best they can be.

We love discussing ideas over coffee. Come meet us if you like what we are doing and want to have a chat. Coffee is on us:

J 18, South Extension 1
New Delhi - 110049

Phone Number: +91 9717202011

Email us at contact@actozen.com to know more.

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